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So you’re buying a property and you’ve used conveyancing fees calculator to find a conveyancer. How do you work out what the true cost of the conveyancing process will be? Conveyancing fees can sometimes be baffling, and when you receive a conveyancing quote, it might not include a full breakdown of the various elements of the costs. You may have to pay more than what you are told in the original quote. In this video, we will quickly and simply explain the breakdown of conveyancing fees.

The first part of the conveyancing fees are the lawyers’ fees themselves. Those fees will either be a fixed rate or will be an hourly rate. The general rule is that the more expensive a property is, the more that a lawyer will charge for the work. It’s normally cheaper to go for a lawyer that charges a fixed fee. However, if things get complicated, then the lawyers’ fees may go up as well.

The second part of the conveyancing fees are the disbursements. Disbursements are the costs for carrying out various searches on the property as well as other associated costs. The disbursements tend to include

  • Land Registry Office copy entries
  • The banks charges for the transfer of monies
  • Anti-money laundering and Bankruptcy search
  • Local authority searches
  • and other searches such as drainage and environmental searches, which can vary in cost.
  • you will also have to pay a land registration fee, the cost of which depends on the value of the property

If you ever have any concerns about whether the quote you’ve been given includes the full conveyancing fees, just ask the lawyers or the online conveyancing firms to provide a proper breakdown. It’s always good to ask.

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